| A reading of the Western position on the Egyptian coup!

| truthaholics

A reading of the Western position on the Egyptian coup ~ MEMO.

Bader Mohammad Bader

What Europe and America want from Egypt … In a nutshell, they want to protect their political, economic and security interests, one of which is the protection of Israel


Only a few days after the bloody and treacherous military coup in Egypt on July 3rd, Western governments released timid statements on the issue with a sense of concern and anticipation; they were unsure about the consequences and if they would be favourable for the coup leaders.


The rapid popular rejection of the military coup and the isolation of the first elected civil president, suspension of the constitution, dissolution of the Shura Council and other non-democratic acts prompted Western delegations to flock to Cairo in an attempt to examine the situation on the ground and explore options for a political solution. This was done by holding meetings…

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