| Hubris + narcotics: America’s lethal profiling of Afghan men!

| truthaholics

America’s Lethal Profiling of Afghan Men ~ Nick TurseThe Nation.

Despite rules of engagement to the contrary, such targeting pervades the entire chain of command—up to the Oval Office.

Afghans protesting killing of civilians in raid by US/ISAF forces, Kabul, December 2009. Reuters/Ahmad Masood

Severe facial trauma and right-leg fracture. Right-leg amputation, lower left-leg fracture and pulmonary embolism. Lower left-leg amputation and multiple shrapnel wounds. Twelve injured in all.

And they were the lucky ones.

On February 21, 2010, Hellfire missiles from US helicopters streamed down on a convoy filled with militants—military-age males armed with rifles—near Shahidi Hassas, in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan Province. The band of insurgents was preparing to attack a small US force that was conducting a village raid with Afghan security forces. But the Americans had monitored their cellphone calls and knew all about their plans. A Predator drone had been…

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