| Long overdue: Questioning Israel’s nuclear ambiguity policy!

| truthaholics

Questioning Israel’s nuclear ambiguity policy ~ Al Jazeera.

Doubts raised over logic of Israel’s decades-long nuclear ambiguity policy following regional developments.


US administrations have responded to Israel’s nuclear ambiguity with a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy [GALLO/GETTY]
Israel’s decades-long policy of deliberate ambiguity about its weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programme is being challenged more than ever before, by the international community and by voices within the Israeli society.

While Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu devoted most of his UN speech on Tuesday to Iran‘s alleged nuclear aspirations, his own country’s WMD strategy might be headed for a dramatic change.

The ambiguity policy describes Israel’s refusal to admit it has WMD. The country is alleged to have launched a secret nuclear programme in the 1960s, led by current Israeli president Shimon Peres who was then working as a director-general in the Ministry of Defense. The ambiguity policy was…

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