| Opinion: US Exceptionalism is basically a Nazi Thing, Belarus leader says!

| truthaholics

U.S. Exceptionalism Is Basically A Nazi Thing, Belarus Leader Says ~ Miriam ElderBuzzFeed Staff.

“Not long ago black-skinned people in America were slaves. Today they make statements about some sort of exceptionalism,” says the man referred to as the “last dictator in Europe.”

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko (C) salutes as he watches a military parade during celebrations marking Independence Day in Minsk July 3, 2013. Pool / Reuters

Alexander Lukashenko, the hardline leader of Belarus, has compared the idea of U.S. exceptionalism to Nazi ideology and criticized President Barack Obama for supporting it as a “black-skinned person.”

Lukashenko, once dubbed the “last dictator in Europe” by former secretary of state Condoleezza Ricetold a Kazakh television station that the idea of U.S. exceptionalism was “very bad” and “counterproductive.”

After issuing a sweeping statement of support for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Lukashenko slammed the U.S. for meddling in the…

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