| Sacred Topography: Jerusalem and the cityscape of faith(s).

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Sacred TopographyJerusalem and the cityscape of faith(s). ~  BENJAMIN BALINT, The Weekly Standard, BOOK REVIEW.

In “The Eternal City,” the Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai observes that his native city has rebuffed most of those who would project onto her their own ambitions, imperial or religious or otherwise. Neither Jerusalem’s conquerors nor its miracle-seeking glorifiers, he wrote, stopped to wonder why She hid herself behind a wall within a wall. / The eternal city like a brown fist Clenched in stone.

joel carillet / getty imagesJOEL CARILLET / GETTY IMAGES

Their discoveries, comprehensively surveyed here, have brought to light nearly 4,000 years of human settlement and building. The Archaeology of Jerusalem, amply illustrated with photographs and drawings, details the distinctive finds for each period and uses them to illuminate the historical context: fortifications from biblical times (the Bronze and Iron Ages); silver amulets from the seventh century…

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