| Whitewashing war-crimes: double standards in the Commonwealth?

| truthaholics

Double standards in the Commonwealth? ~ Al Jazeera.

As Indian and Canadian leaders stay away from a summit in Sri Lanka, we ask if this will damage the bloc’s credibility.

A controversial Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka has been dealt a double blow.

Officials in India – which is the biggest member of the 53 nation bloc – said that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would not be attending the meeting this week, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper also confirmed that he would stay away.

Sri Lanka has been accused of failing to address accusations of human rights abuses in the civil war against Tamil separatists, and of committing more violations since then.

I think [Manmohan Singh’s move] is the right decision taken for the wrong reasons. It has been taken for domestic reasons because both of the major parties in the southern state of Tamil Nadu made it known that…

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