| Syrians in Arsal camp tell of shattered lives!

| truthaholics

Syrians in Arsal tell of shattered lives ~ Jana El Hassan, The Daily Star.

ARSAL, Lebanon: Khawla, a 17-year-old newly married bride, sits inside a tent surrounded by women eating pumpkin seeds, chatting and trading stories of lives turned upside down and loved ones lost. “It has been two months since I last heard from my husband and I have no idea where he is,” says Khawla, who refused to disclose her last name.

An elderly woman interrupts to say that Khawla is pregnant.

“Every now and then, she sobs and falls into tears as she remembers him,” she says.

Khawla nods her head and says she misses her husband. Asked if he is fighting with the rebels, she says she does not know.

Another lady hand-knitting wool, Doha, looks up from her work. “Of course he is fighting with the rebels, where else would he be?”…

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