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So Iran is Britain’s enemy…Stuart LittlewoodRedress Information & Analysis.

Cameron’s pledge to his Jewish friends:

“An enemy of Israel is an enemy of mine. A threat to Israel is a threat to us all”

Israel stooge David Cameron

Whenever a Western leader expresses adoration and undying support for the Zionist state the Jewish Chronicle (JC) can be relied on to make the most of it. This week it reports on UKPrime Minister David Cameron’sChanucah/Hanukkah reception in Downing Street when he lit a menorah (that elegant nine-branch candlestick) with the chief rabbi.

According to the JC, Cameron took the opportunity to say he didn’t have much faith in the interim nuclear agreement struck with Iran. He told assembled Jewish leaders: “I know there will be great scepticism, I know there will be great worry. I share that scepticism, I share that worry. I don’t have…

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