| Pro-Palestine Mandela’s mixed legacy for the Middle East!

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Mandela’s mixed legacy for the Middle East ~ Kevin Connolly, BBC Middle East correspondent, Jerusalem.

We may never see another life like Nelson Mandela’s; and so there may never be a death quite like his either.

The man who repaid persecution with patience and racism with reconciliation came to be seen as a kind of embodiment of our noblest instincts for making peace.

He chose the difficult path of forgiveness and togetherness when he could have been forgiven for choosing the way of bitterness and vengeance.

So its not surprising that in many places of division rival sides scramble to place their ties with Mandela in the best possible light and to claim the legitimacy that confers.

Nowhere more, of course, than in the Middle East.
Yasser Arafat and Nelson Mandela (Cairo, 1993)

There was a genuine personal warmth between Arafat and Mandela, according to a former Palestinian official

The truth is that Mr Mandela did not…

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