| Eat or heat? ’Tis the season to be Hateful‏!

| truthaholics

’tis the season to be Hateful‏ ~ Matt Carr’s Infernal Machine,

Notes From the Margins…

Some years ago I read that Charles Dickens would sometimes pay tramps to sit outside his house on Christmas Day, so that he and his carousing guests could enjoy the cosy domestic pleasures of the Victorian hearth even more, by contrasting it with the poverty and deprivation just outside his front door.

I’ve never managed to discover whether that story is true or not, and I initially thought in any case that it was an odd thing to do. But lately I’ve come to conclude that it isn’t that odd at all, because in a way British society does something similar every year, when the homeless suddenly become a subject worthy of media attention in the lead up to Christmas.

Judging from the almost ritualistic way that the homeless will appear on tv…

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