| Imperial backlash: Iraq government loses control of Fallujah!

| truthaholics

Iraq government loses control of Fallujah ~ Al Jazeera.

Security source concedes al-Qaeda group owns streets of town in Anbar, the scene of fierce fighting over last week.

The Iraqi army has attacked Fallujah with mortar bombs in an effort to dislodge al-Qaeda linked fighters as an official conceded the government had lost control of the town.

Medical sources in the Anbar province town said eight people were killed and another 30 people were wounded in shelling by the army on Friday and Saturday.

An unnamed senior Iraqi official told the AFP news agency that the government had lost control of Fallujah to fighters from al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

An AFP journalist in the town also said that ISIL seemed to be in control, with no security forces or anti-al-Qaeda fighters visible on the streets.


Imran Khan on the situation in Fallujah.

Officials and…

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