| War Criminal: Tony Blair enjoys ‘Best Year Yet’ with over £13m in bank!

| truthaholics

Tony Blair Enjoys ‘Best Year Yet’ With Over £13m In Bank ~ Asa BennettThe Huffington Post UK.

Tony Blair has banked over £13 million to mark his most financially successful year since stepping down as prime minister.

Blair’s wealth, including a London home, a country estate and numerous other properties, is estimated to come to £70m. The former PM has built up his fortune over the years as an official adviser to investment bank JP Morgan and Swiss-based global insurance giant Zurich International.

Blair also advises governments such as the Kazakhstan regime and earns as much as £250,000 a time for private speeches and appearances.

The bumper financial results for the 12 months to April 2013 have been revealed in the latest accounts for Blair’s two firms, Windrush Ventures and Firerush Ventures, which were lodged with Companies House last week.

Windrush Ventures, which employs 35 people, posted a…

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