| #ziocolony: Disillusioned with a Jewish State!

| truthaholics

Disillusioned with a Jewish State ~ Marc H. Ellis, Mondoweiss.

As the Rolling Stones continue to negotiate a multi-million dollar payday – time, time, time, it’s on Israel’s side. Yes it is.

But, then, history has a funny way of twisting and turning. There are few straight roads in the human journey.

An example is the fall of Falluja, where Sunni insurgents now hoist their flag over the city center. The New York Times reports that American soldiers who fought there years ago are stunned and dismayed. As one soldier put it: “I texted a couple of friends. Everyone was in disbelief. I don’t think anyone had the grand illusion that Falluja or Ramadi was going to turn into Disneyland, but none of us thought it was going to fall back into a jihadist insurgency. It made me sick to my stomach to have that thrown into our…

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