| US to China: “Happy New Year.” China to US: “Give us our money back!”

| truthaholics

US to China: “Happy New Year.” China to US: “Give us our money back.” ~  Lily Kuo, Quartz.

When outgoing American ambassador to China Gary Locke wished 700,000 followers on Sina Weibo a happy Chinese New Year (registration required), he received an overwhelming response: Pay back the money you owe us. 

Internet users are fond of reminding Locke that China is America’s largest foreign creditor, reflecting the unease that regular Chinese, as well as some officials and economists, feel about the increasingly inextricable links between the two economies. China now holds a record $1.317 trillion in US government bonds. 

One commenter said, “If America doesn’t pay back the money, this is using money to raise a dog that bites,” seemingly alluding to competition between the two countries. In theme with celebrating the year of the horse, several told the ambassador to ma shang, or immediately, return the…

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