| Video: NuttyYahoo [1978] doesn’t recognise Palestine!

| truthaholics

NuttyYahoo [1978] doesn’t recognise Palestine: Google: MILEIKOWSKI

Israel’s current PM, speaking on US TV in 1977 under the name Ben Nitay claims: 

‘Palestinians don’t have a right to a separate state … Jordan is a Palestinan state!’

He added: ‘nobody wants peace more than Israel … If the demand for a separate state is abandoned we can have real and genuine peace!’

Can you see through this point-blank refusal to simply behave as good neighbours?
Google: MILEIKOWSKI to see how many times he has changed his name.

It isn’t hard to appreciate why he and his ilk are hell-bent on DENYING any form of Palestinian human rights, self-determination, sovereignty and statehood.

Fact is though we live in a post-colonial world now where under the UN Charter and International Law nearly ALL of Israel’s actions are ILLEGAL.
So, who should recognise whom?

| Palestinians and a Jewish state??? http://wp.me/p1xXtb-pd

URL: http://youtu.be/jAWP0t0wuWY

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