| #Israel #Palestine #Apartheid #RightOfReturn: The alternative is BDS!

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The alternative is BDS ~ Haidar Eid, European Coordination Committee for Palestine (ECCP),  Mondoweiss.

As BDS activists, we are no longer interested in the sterile opposition to normalization generated by the Oslo Accords, but rather in formulating the kind of response that could actually defeat multiple forms of Zionist oppression, i.e, occupation, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid.  The moment the entire international community, civil society and governments, decides to act the same way it did against the apartheid system of White South Africa, Israel would succumb to the voice of reason represented by the 2005 BDS call issued by more than 170 Civil Society organizations and endorsed by almost all influential political forces from right to left of the political spectrum in historic Palestine and the Diaspora

Since the world is showing a growing disapproval of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and its settlement policies there, the urgent question…

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