| ‘The Idea of Israel’ by #Ilan Pappe, book review!

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The Idea of Israel by Ilan Pappe, book review ~ ALISTAIR DAWBER, The Independent.


When I first visited Israel, crossing the border in the south of the country from Jordan, the burly (and as ever, heavily armed) guard at passport control asked, rather bizarrely it felt at the time, how we had heard of Israel. An odd question perhaps, but in retrospect, he probably meant what were our views on the Jewish state: whether we supported the Zionist project or whether our sympathies lay with the occupied Palestinians.

Professor Ilan Pappe’s book – The Idea of Israel – takes this line of enquiry somewhat further, questioning the progression of Zionism; looking at its evolution and the institutions that have supported it, and indeed, how this central principle of modern Jewry has increasingly come under scrutiny, not just from the usual, external, protagonists, but also increasingly, from within Israel itself…

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