| Ukrainian MPs vote to oust President Yanukovych – Yulia Tymoshenko freed!

| truthaholics

Ukrainian MPs vote to oust President Yanukovych ~ BBC.

Ukrainian MPs have voted to oust President Viktor Yanukovych and hold early presidential elections on 25 May.

The vote came after police stopped guarding presidential buildings, allowing protesters in, and parliament made new high-level appointments.

Mr Yanukovych said it was a “coup” and vowed not to stand down.

And on a day of fast-moving events, prominent opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko was released from detention, hours after MPs authorised the move.

She left the hospital in the eastern city of Kharkiv where she had been held under prison guard, and flew to Kiev, where she addressed the demonstrators in Independence Square.

Ms Tymoshenko was freed following a vote by parliament on Friday demanding her release.

She was sentenced to seven years in jail in 2011 after a controversial verdict on her actions as prime minister.

Her supporters have always maintained this was…

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