| Dissing Tony Benn!

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Dissing Tony Benn ~ Matt Carr’s Infernal Machine.

Rarely has the death of a major politician generated such faint and often blatantly hypocritical praise as the tributes and obituaries dedicated to Tony Benn. In general the response has been dominated by broadly similar motifs; that Benn was ‘charming,’ ‘charismatic’, a ‘great speaker’ and a ‘conviction politician’  with strongly-held principles and beliefs – accompanied by the unspoken or sometimes overt caveat that these beliefs were naive or wrong-headed, and that in any case the person praising him for having them didn’t and doesn’t share them.

We know that Cameron doesn’t share them, so there is nothing surprising about  his patronizing observation that ‘ There was never a dull moment listening to him, even if you disagreed with him.’   Or Nick Clegg’s description of Benn as ‘A towering figure in British politics and a fervent defender of what he believed.’


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