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The Dahlan factor ~

Joseph Massad, Al Jazeera.

The Israeli and US betting on the Dahlan horse will only increase the resolve of the Palestinians and their supporters.

Dahlan’s forces would torture Hamas members in PA dungeons throughout the 1990s, writes Massad [AP]
This article was updated to clarify some of the comments made by the author.

The recent resurrection of Mohammad Dahlanby several Arab governments, Israel and the US is a most important development for the future of the Palestinian cause, Palestinian Authority (PA)-Israel negotiations, and Hamas-ruled Gaza. Dahlan is viewed, by many Palestinians, as the most corrupt official in the history of the Palestinian national movement (and there are many contenders for that title).

Dahlan, it would be recalled, was the PA man in charge of Gaza after the Oslo Accords were signed, where he commanded 20,000 Palestinian security personnel who were answerable to the CIA and…

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