| Insulting humanity – Kosher theft?

| truthaholics

Kosher theft? ~  JAMAL KANJ, Gulf Daily News.

AT a March 19 UN Security Council discussion, US Ambassador Samantha Powers was quoted as saying, “A thief can steal property, but that does not confer the right of ownership on the thief.”

Listening to her powerful condemnation of the Russian action in the Crimea, I couldn’t help but wonder if that was a conviction or an ex-talented writer’s rhetorical speech. A thief should be condemned – irrespective of whether the thief is a friend or foe. I would add to the otherwise accurate statement, a thief-enabler should be castigated too?

Let’s for the sake of argument agree with Ms Powers’ assessment calling Russian support for the “overwhelming” wishes of 96 per cent of voters as theft.

Using the same parallels, how about Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights? It is this thief which Ms Powers supports at the UN…

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