| Take Action to Protest another $3.1 Billion in Weapons for Israel!

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Take Action to Protest $3.1 Billion in Weapons for Israel ~  WWW.ENDTHEOCCUPATION.ORG

Yusef a-Shawamereh. Photo: ‘Abed AlHashlamoun, EPA.

On March 19, the Israeli military shot and killed 14-year-old Yusef a-Shawamreh, a Palestinian youth from a village near Hebron who crossed an existing breach in an Israeli fence to pick wild food plants on his family’s land.  

B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights organization, criticized Israel’s “armed ambush at a point in the barrier known to be crossed by youths, who pose no danger whatsoever to anyone, for the purpose of harvesting plants.”

But instead of ending U.S. military aid, as required under U.S. law, to Israeli military units such as the Armored Corp’s 77th Battalion, which killed Yusef, it’s sadly business as usual: the Obama administration earmarked another $3.1 billion for weapons to Israel in the FY2015 budget request it sent last month to Congress.


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