| Palestine and the first Zionist Colony 1878!

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Palestine and the first Zionist Colony 1878 ~

ATTENDING THE WORLD, We risk becoming the best informed society that ever died of ignorance; Source.


In 1516 Palestinians began four centuries of life under Ottoman rule. The vast walls towering above the inhabitants of Jerusalem’s Old City today are a lasting monument to Ottoman rule, built in the realm of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-66).

As with earlier Muslim empires, the Ottomans practiced a certain tolerance of Christians and Jews. In the 16th century for example, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem was acknowledged as the custodian of the Christian Holy Places. Although the vast majority of world Jews chose to live elsewhere than Palestine, hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing Spanish and other Christian persecution were given asylum within the Ottoman empire (Khalidi, 1984, p. 31).

Independence Within Limits

Recent academic research has provided a detailed picture of…

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