| What Is Religious Freedom and Why Is It Important?

| truthaholics

The Meaning of Freedom

Hamza YusufCornerstone – the blog of the Religious Freedom Project (RFP) at Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.

Freedom has long been a cherished word in the human lexicon. All human beings love freedom, but if pressed, many people will find it difficult to define. While “freedom” is an abstract noun, its meaning is found in verbs and adjectives as well. We free a prisoner, and we win free prizes. But what is freedom? Why do we value it so highly?
In the West, freedom is a hard won right, fought for in the crucible of rebellion and blood. This type of freedom is generally understood to be political and religious freedom. Americans and Europeans fought several bloody wars to live freely and worship—or not worship—as they chose. Many…

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