Israeli Soldiers Call for Revenge against Palestinians

Hell-bent on revenge the mad tribal supremacists, in fact, hasten their own doom!

Human in the Muddle

After the bodies of three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped by Hamas militants from Hebron were uncovered yesterday near Halhul, the occupied West Bank, racist attacks against Palestinians have been on the rise. Two protests, each attended by hundreds of people, took place in Jerusalem where mobs chanted again and again “Revenge!”, “Death to Arabs”, and “Jews are good [literally, “souls”], Arabs and sons of whores”.

Death to Arab chants in central Jerusalem yesterday. Some of the protesters attempted to attack a Palestinian worker of McDonalds

A new facebook page titled “The People of Israel Demand Revenge“, managed to gain over 32,000 “likes” in about 24 hours.Young Israelis post photos of themselves on this page calling for revenge against Palestinians. Among those young Israelis are soldiers, many of them from units that serve in the occupied Palestinian territories. All the photos in this post were taken from that…

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