| Does love make your pupils dilate?

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Does love make your pupils dilate? ~ Cristen Conger, HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace LLC.

The eyes’ romantic depiction as the “windows to the soul” isn’t just the stuff of whimsical verse. Sure, the word pupil comes from the Latin for “little doll,” referencing how those storied orbs produce miniature, doll-like reflections of people in their sightline, much like shinysunglasses lenses . But the vacillating openings at the center of our irises indeed mirror more than what’s on the outside.

The mechanism of pupil constriction and dilation is regulated by the autonomic nervous system, which is also responsible for other uncontrollable reactions like goose bumps and heart rates. Inside the eyeball, the dilator and the sphinctermuscles play the iris tissue like an accordion to the tune of light . Then again, the sun isn’t the only thing orchestrating when the pupils open and shut. Humans’…

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