The UN General Assembly and imperialist dictates!

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The UN General Assembly and imperialist dictates ~ Ramona Wadi, MEMO.

Remarks uttered by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and US President Barack Obama at the UN General Assembly are of paramount significance to the constant oppression faced by Palestinians. Once again, discourse has been dominated by humanitarian concerns divested of political ramifications, while upholding the duplicitous role of the UN as one enshrining progress as responsibility.

In his address, Ban stated: “After the Second World War, the founding of the United Nations was a feat of global resolve. The post-war planners were driven not only by the idea of ‘never again’, but by a vision of what the world could be if we ‘unite our strength’.” While the idea is inscribed within the UN Charter, it conveniently eliminates the fact that upholding the fable of justice rests with the imperialist predators generating constant turmoil among resistant countries. Plunder and division…

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