Israeli Ceasefire proving once again to be ‘occupation game’

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Ceasefire proving once again to be ‘occupation game’ ~ Pam Bailey, paminprogress.

[Scroll down to end for detailed list of violations to date. Updated 10/8 – see the sections on the multilateral ceasefire, opening of the crossings and extension of the security zones. ]

A sober reality has dawned on the people of Gaza in the days following the 50-day conflict with Israel, which killed 2,147, injured and maimed another 10,870 and destroyed or severely damaged tens of thousands of homes, hospitals, mosques and other infrastructure.


Initially, there was euphoria because the war had ended, but only after forcing Israel to the negotiating table. They say, and history supports them, that the only time the world pays serious attention to Gaza, and thus insists that Israel makes some concessions, is when they fight back and enough people are killed to shame the collective conscience.

The concessions this time were never…

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