The ISIS Hoaxes for Newbies!

| truthaholics

The ISIS Hoaxes for Newbies ~ Truth Sector.

Apparently Truth Sector haters can’t live with the fact that their ISIS bubble is an imaginary reality. I am still being flooded with hate mail and shill comments on a daily basis – that me denying the ISIS beheadings being real is a serious fail on my side and that that damages the credibility of my written and spoken words.

So…. Especially for the daily shills, this post is for you! You better enjoy the shit out of it because I know I am!

1. FACT: The Use of CPR Dolls in the ISIS mini series is Real

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2. Video Analysts Confirm that the ISIS Videos are FAKE

This was even published in the Telegraph and on Infowars.

  • Forensic analysis confirms Infowars investigation that footage was staged as war propaganda: … the ISIS beheading video involving James Foley was in all likelihood staged…

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