Suheir Hammad Performing “First Writing Since” + transcript!

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Suheir Hammad Performing “First Writing Since!”

First Writing Since

(Poem on Crisis of Terror)

by Suheir Hammad
New York, New York

Suheir Hammad is the author of “Born Palestinian, Born Black” (Harlem River Press, 1996, $12.00, ISBN 0-863-16244-4) and other books. “First Writing Since” is published here with permission.

1. there have been no words.
i have not written one word.
no poetry in the ashes south of canal street.
no prose in the refrigerated trucks driving debris and dna.
not one word.

today is a week, and seven is of heavens, gods, science.
evident out my kitchen window is an abstract reality.
sky where once was steel.
smoke where once was flesh.

fire in the city air and i feared for my sister’s life in a way never
before. and then, and now, i fear for the rest of us.

first, please god, let it be…

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