Unfree in #Palestine: A Most Important Book for All Who Study National Liberations!

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A Most Important Book for All Who Study National Liberations: Unfree in PalestineDenis Rancourt / November 2nd, 2014, Dissident Voice.

The new book by academics Nadia Abu-Zahra and Adah KayUnfree in Palestine: Registration, Documentation and Movement Restrictions (PlutoPress, 2013) — is a brilliant achievement, and a landmark in the study of both the ongoing Israel genocide in Palestine,1 and national liberation struggles in general.

At first look the book is simply a well-researched academic treatise, with 693 endnotes, about administrative controls imposed on Palestinians by Israel. It is written in a sober style with great intellectual clarity.

unfree_DVAs one enters its pages, however, Unfree becomes a far reaching analysis of the mechanics of a colonial state’s eradication and domination of an indigenous population, that has parallels in other modern states such as Canada.2 And it becomes an incisive description of the psychological and cultural…

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