Play your part in the #HandsOffAlAqsa Twitter Storm!

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#HandsOffAlAqsa Twitter Storm ~ FOA.

On Friday 7th November at 9:30pm-10pm we want you to join us on a twitter storm to tell Israel, #HandsOffAlAqsa. We have prepared a number of tweets which you can copy and paste during the twitter storm as well as adding your own.

You can also sign up to our special thunderclap campaign now by clicking here. By doing so, on Friday at 9:30pm the first tweet above will be automatically sent to your twitter and Facebook contacts. A great easy way to start off your twitter storm.

Factual Tweets

  • #HandsOffAlAqsa important facts you need to know 
  • Al Aqsa is the holiest Islamic site in Jerusalem. It’s safety is now under threat #HandsOffAlAqsa 
  • Al Aqsa was the first qibla (direction of prayer) in Islam #HandsOffAlAqsa 
  • Al-Aqsa Sanctuary covers an area of approximately 35 acres and there are 44 buildings within this area #HandsOffAlAqsa 
  • When the Holy…

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