Time to stop #Palestinian dilly-dallying + instead join the #ICC!

| truthaholics

Palestinian dilly-dallying must stop ~ Jamal Kanj, Redress Information & Analysis.

Mahmoud Abbas

On 1 January it will be 50 years since the start of the modern Palestinian revolution, and on the 15th it will be 10 years since Mahmoud Abbas was first, and last, elected as the president of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Empty threats

Two years after becoming a non-member state of the United Nations, the PA is circulating a UN Security Council draft resolution to set a timeframe for full Israeli withdrawal and the establishment of an independent Palestine. On the other hand, France appeared to posit a European-led alternative resolution emphasising a restart of negotiations, rather than specifying an end to the occupation.

Last week, following the murder of one of its ministers, the PA threatened to stop security coordination with Israel. This week in Algeria, President Abbas reiterated the same threat if the UN failed…

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