9 Other Countries that Jumped on the Post 9-11 Terrorism Fear to Crack Down on Dissenters!

| truthaholics

These nations have taken a page from post-9/11 America’s playbook.

After the September 11th attacks, the U.S. embarked on a global campaign of war, a crackdown on dissent and, as the recent Senate torture report shows, a gruesome program of waterboardings and sexual assault of detainees.

The turn to the “dark side”–as former Vice President Dick Cheney put it–was justified by the specter of terrorism. But it wasn’t only the U.S. that exploited fear of terrorism to jail and torture those accused of anti-government violence. It was a trend that spread around the world. Both liberal democracies like the United Kingdom and repressive regimes like Syria have justified policies that violate human rights by invoking national security and terrorism. American policy has become a model for…

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