#Diplomacy vs #Hegemony: Failures of US Foreign Policy – 1946 to 2014!

| truthaholics

Failures of U.S. Foreign Policy – 1946 to 2014 ~  Alternative Insight.

United Statesforeign policyafter World War II often failed to accomplish its objectives and behaved counterproductive. Force replaced diplomacy. Military solutions trampled negotiations. Counter-insurgency produced insurgents. The U.S. identified anti-communism as its principal guide to foreign policy during the Cold War, but similar policies continued after the Soviet Union’s collapse and disintegration.As the balance of terror receded, the United States confronted global terrorism, which obligated the unique world power to initiate a new war, the ‘war against terrorism.’ This war does not recede; it grows, and as it grows, it becomes connected to another war, ‘the war against drugs.’ In Afghanistan, the U.S. wages a war against the poppy fields, the same war the Soviets initially fought. In Mexico, a border war of drug violence exceeds the terrorist violence against America.

Incoherent behavior has the…

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