Most #cancer cases pure bad luck, not preventable – study!

| truthaholics

Most cancer cases pure bad luck, not preventable – study ~ RT.

About two-thirds of all cancer cases were not caused by environmental factors or bad genes, but rather resulted from random bad luck during stem cell division, a new statistical study says.

This means more effort is needed for early detection.

There are many types of cancer, but they are all basically cells running amok and multiplying without check, which leads to tumors growing and interfering with the normal functioning of an organ. This happens when mutations – random changes in genetic code – accumulate and change the way genes make the cell work.

Carcinogenic factors like smoking and exposure to sun or hereditary factors contribute to the probability of getting the disease. But the majority of cancers just happen, because that is the way our bodies are, a new study by scientists from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer…

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