#Israel’s crazed assault on #Gaza was #2014’s single most haunting and revolting event!

| truthaholics

Israel’s crazed assault on Gaza was 2014’s single most haunting and revolting event ~ Matt Carr, Matt Carr’s Infernal Machine, Stop the War Coalition, 02 January 2015.

Operation Protective Edge was shockingly gratuitous and one-sided, strategically and morally senseless and steeped in the most grotesque hypocrisy, says Matt Carr.

There are some years when Gramsci’s adage about pessimism of the mind and optimism of the will seem more appropriate than others, and 2014 was a year filled with some pretty awful events, whether it was kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria or a summer in which more migrants drowned in the Mediterranean than ever.

In Ukraine the geopolitical test of strength between Russia and NATO triggered a vicious new conflict with the potential to turn into something even bigger and nastier.

In Syria there is no end in sight to a war that clearly cannot be won by anyone, but which…

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