#UK activists launch lawsuit over deadly raid on #Gaza ‘peace flotilla’!

| truthaholics

British activists launch lawsuit over deadly raid on Gaza ‘peace flotilla’ ~ PAUL GALLAGHER, Sunday 04 January 2015, The Independent.

Israeli commandos who boarded the ‘Mavi Marmara’ could face prosecution if they visit the UK!

Scotland Yard has been asked to investigate whether Israeli special forces who attacked a “peace flotilla” of ships in international waters killing 10 people committed war crimes. Lawyers acting for British activists have launched legal proceedings in the hope of prosecuting the Israeli soldiers in the UK.

Evidence passed to the Metropolitan Police names five Israeli military commanders alleged to have committed war crimes when the troops they commanded stormed the flotilla which was attempting to breach Israel’s blockade of Gaza in May 2010.

Lawyers representing 13 of the 34 Britons on the Turkish-registered MV Mavi Marmara, the main civilian vessel in the fleet of six ships carrying humanitarian aid and construction materials, say some…

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