#ChrisHedges Fmr. NYT Reporter Compared #Israel to #ISIS!

| truthaholics

Fmr. NYT Reporter Compared Israel to ISIS ~ Jennifer Hickey,  NEWSMAX.COM, America’s News Page, Monday, 05 Jan 2015.

Former New York Times correspondent Chris Hedges recently claimed that he was uninvited from speaking at University of Pennsylvania conference on peace in the Middle East after he penned a column comparing the foundation of Israel with the foundation of ISIS.

“Being banned from speaking about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, especially at universities, is familiar to anyone who attempts to challenge the narrative of the Israel lobby. This is not the first time one of my speaking offers has been revoked and it will not be the last,” Hedges wrote in a Dec. 21 column for TruthDig.com

In the article penned by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, which was entitled “Banning Dissent In The Name Of Civility,” he cited an email he received from the lecture agency which set up the conference saying that…

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