The Change in the #Arabs Brought about Through the #Qur’an!

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The Change in the Arabs Brought about Through the Qur’aan ~ Seifeddine-M’s Blog.

The Qur’aan came to change the beliefs, behaviour and outlook of all who are astray. It came to guide them to true happiness and the way of life that one should follow in this life. Allaah سبحانه و تعالى states,

“O you who have believed! Respond to Allaah and His Messenger as they call you to that which gives you life.” (Sooratul-Anfaal, 8:24)

Imaam as-Suddi رحمه الله, an early commentator on the Qur’aan, stated that this verse means that Islaam gave the noble Companions رضي الله عنهم true life after they were truly dead in disbelief. [1]

The difference between faith and disbelief is truly comparable to the difference between life and death. Knowing the Qur’aan, that source of life to which Allaah and His Messenger is calling every human, as opposed to not knowing it is also…

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