#Accountability not #impunity: Prosecuting #Israel’s #crimes: a moving snowball that can’t be stopped!

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Prosecuting Israel’s crimes: a moving snowball that can’t be stopped ~ Adri Nieuwhof , THE ELECTRONIC INTIFADA, Tue, 01/06/2015.

How important is the decision by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority’s president, to sign the Rome Statute of theInternational Criminal Court (ICC)?

The prominent human rights advocate Shawan Jabarin suggests that the decision is like a moving snowball that “can’t be stopped.” Although Israel has been granted impunity by Western governments for decades, there is now a real possibility of bringing Israeli war criminals to justice.

Jabarin leads the Palestinian organizationAl-Haq in Ramallah. He has suffered directly from Israel’s human rights abuses. Previously held in administrative detention — imprisonment without charge or trial — Jabarin was subjected to a travel banimposed by Israel based on “secret evidence” from 2006 until March 2012.

Adri Nieuwhof: Do you consider the signing of the Rome Statute as important?


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