#IsraelFirsters: Meet the three #American families bank-rolling Israel’s Benjamin #Netanyahu!

| truthaholics

Meet the three American families bank-rolling Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu ~ ANDREW BUNCOMBE, NEW YORK, The Independent, Thursday 08 January 2015.

Ninety per cent of funds for PM’s primary contest came from US!

More than 90 per cent of the recent campaign contributions collected by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came from the US, official records show. In previous campaigns, around half of his campaign funding has come from just three American families.

Mr Netanyahu last week easily won his Likud Party’s election to select a prime ministerial candidate – easily overcoming his nearest challenger, former defence minister Danny Danon. The 65-year-old Mr Netanyahu is now gearing up for the general election, due to be held on March 17.

Records from Israel’s State Comptroller Office and collated byBuzzfeed.com show that Mr Netanyahu raised around 1m shekels (roughly £166,000), for his primary campaign. Around 90 per cent of this came from the…

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