#Norway’s #Christians didn’t have to #apologise for Anders #Breivik, it’s the same for #Muslims now!

| truthaholics

Charlie Hebdo: Norway’s Christians didn’t have to apologise for Anders Breivik, and it’s the same for Muslims now ~ MARK STEEL, The Independent, Thursday 8 January 2015.

It’s as if no one in any Western country has ever gone berserk with a gun in a public place before!

The important thing must be to establish the rules, so we can all get along. To start with, are you allowed to be critical of Muhammad at all? For example, can you suggest that while he was generally perfect, he could sometimes be quite forgetful, and wander into Mecca saying “what did I come out here for”?

If you say “he was the best prophet going, but I have to be honest and say he was shit at table tennis”, does that warrant an execution or just a wallop with some pebbles?

And are all images banned, as there seems to be…

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