ANALYSIS: #CapeTown #Jumua Mosque’s #Khutba on the #Paris Killings!

| truthaholics

Khutba on the Paris Killings ~ Imam Habib Bewley, Jumua Mosque Cape Town.

With recent events blackening the name of Islam and portraying this great and noble deen in a negative light, it is worth reminding ourselves that these events have nothing to do with Islam and are not representative of the example of our Messenger and those who have followed him sincerely throughout the centuries. Rather, what we have witnessed is anarchy, pure and simply. These men are anarchists wearing the mask of Islam – it is not that they believe in the law of Allah, for if they had they would know that such actions are inexcusable and unacceptable, rather they believe in no recognisable law and want to be free to do whatever it is they want to do – they seek to destroy not create, to bring chaos, madness and confusion, not justice, sanity and order. They…

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