#BDS #Gitmo #whitewash: Ministers fail to investigate #G4S ‘#HumanRightsAbuses!’

| truthaholics

Ministers fail to investigate G4S ‘human rights abuses’ ~ CHRIS GREEN, SENIOR REPORTER, The Independent, Monday 12 January 2015.

 Exclusive: ‘Not appropriate’ for the complaint to be considered by the UK!

The Government has been accused of trying to “wash its hands” of potential human rights abuses by refusing to investigate the British security company G4S’s involvement with Guantanamo Bay.

In August a formal complaint was lodged with the Government stating that by signing a £70m contract to provide “janitorial services” to the notorious prison for terrorism suspects, G4S’s US subsidiary G4S Government Solutions may have broken international guidelines laid down by the OECD.

The contract, which did not commence until after G4S had completed a sale of the US subsidiary business late last year, also covered “support vehicles and equipment” and “operating services” at the US naval base. The subsidiary was sold to an undisclosed buyer for £89m.


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