#ArchZionist #AlanDershowitz claims not to like massages anyway and he kept his underpants on!

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Alan Dershowitz: ‘Sex slave’ accuser is serial liar, prostitute ~ Bob Norman,  Local10.com.

Famed attorney slams woman who claims he had underaged sex with her!


Well-known attorney and Miami Beach resident Alan Dershowitz emphatically denied allegations made in newly-filed court papers that he had sex six times with an underage girl who at the time was serving as a “sex slave” for wealthy financier — and convicted sex offender — Jeffrey Epstein.

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“This is a woman who is a serial liar,” Dershowitz told Local 10 News reporter Bob Norman. “She’s lied, lied, lied, lied.”

“But she wasn’t lying about being sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein,” said Norman.

“That is a different issue,” said Dershowitz. “That is between her and Jeffrey Epstein.”

The woman is Virginia Roberts, one of as many as 40…

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