#HasbaraHappenings: #US media again propagandises for #Israel #Media!

| truthaholics

Hasbara happenings: US media again propagandises for Israel #Media ~ CJ Werleman, Middle East Eye, Friday 30 January 2015.

The US media, conservative or liberal, has become a loudspeaker for the Israeli government.

Last week, Israel carried out a deadly drone strike inside the Syrian controlled portion of the Golan Heights, killing six Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian general. In response to Israel’s aggression, Hezbollah fired two anti-tank missiles that killed two Israeli soldiers as they drove in a occupied area along the Lebanese border. In turn, Israel responded with artillery fire, shelling several targets in southern Lebanon that killed a Spanish UN peacekeeper.

This is the irrefutable timeline of events in the latest Lebanon-Israel border clash. These are the facts, and facts do not possess a pro-Lebanon bias, nor do facts lean pro-Israel. Facts are facts, and the rest, as they say in the classics, is conversation. It’s the…

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