The burning of #MuazKasasbeh: How will #IslamicState explain this one?

| truthaholics

The burning of Muaz Kasasbeh: How will Islamic State explain this one? ~ Moazzam Begg, MIDDLE EAST EYE, Thursday 5 February 2015. 

It’s not often that Fox News broadcasts material that exercises the grey matter, but in the case of downed Jordanian pilot Lietenant Muaz Kasasbeh who was horrifically burned alive by Islamic State (IS) this week, Rupert Murdoch’s notorious channel, more synonymous with embarrassing #FoxNewsFacts, has now outdone itself.

In publishing the slickly and sickly IS-produced video on its website, Fox News simultaneously becomes an important vehicle in helping to explain the IS narrative alongside evidence of the latter’s predilection to unrivalled inhumanity.

In the video, the signature Islamic State “A message to …” format followed by kneeling captives aside masked executioners is absent. In fact, there is no title to start off. All we have is Fox’s own ominous:WARNING, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS burns hostage…

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