#CounterTerrorism policy #TheresaMay’s #Prevent bill is extremism in the name of security!

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Theresa May’s Prevent bill is extremism in the name of security ~ Karma NabulsiComment is free, The Guardian, 4 February 2015.

The home secretary’s counter-terrorism and security bill is a Hobbesian contract meant to frighten us into surrendering our freedoms.

Conservative Party Election press conference, London, Britain - 05 Jan 2015

Home secretary Theresa May. ‘The true danger resides in the extremist and anti-democratic values of Theresa May and her deluded advisers.’ Photograph: Ray Tang/Rex

With Theresa May’s counter-terrorism and security bill at its final stages in the House of Lords, the major question before us all now is: how did something more dangerous than 1950s McCarthyism in its anti-democratic provisions get through the gates?

It entered the bloodstream of the body politic because we were told these measures were not about us: they were about them. We were told to avert our eyes and to watch from the sidelines in this battle to make…

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