#UndueInfluence #Blair’s ex-private secretary now #UK’s ambassador to #Israel!

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​Tony Blair’s ex-private secretary becomes Britain’s ambassador to Israel ~ RT, February 24, 2015.

Britain’s newly appointed ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, served as Tony Blair’s private secretary from 2004 to 2006. His appointment has sparked controversy as critics consider his foreign policy legacy.

Quarry worked as a private assistant to Tony Blair during the ex-Labour chief’s decade-long premiership. He subsequently became head of the Foreign Office’s Middle East and North Africa department.

At one time, Tony Blair was one of Britain’s most popular prime ministers. But in the wake of damning allegations concerning Britain’s eight-year war in Iraq, the former PMandMiddle East peace envoy – is reviled by many in Britain.

Opponents of Blair warn he is abusing his role as envoy, forging liaisons with dubious regimes and opening himself up to murky financial channels in the process.

The ex-PM, who works as a highly-paid consultant to various authoritarian governments…

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